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06.03.2012 - Malta Enterprise has launched a Fourth ERDF Call

Are you still thinking about setting up your company?
This incentive is to support the formation of new, high value-adding enterprises by part-financing their initial operational costs

Do you want to tap international market?
For enterprises that are willing to establish a new market, or introduce a new service or product in an existing international market.

Do you want to enhance your business environmental operations?
Help SMEs to invest in eco-innovation solutions that support long term competitiveness and contribute to environmentally sustainable business activities

Do you have an innovative idea to implement?
This incentive will provide cash grants to SMEs by part-financing costs incurred for investment projects leading to product, process and/ or service innovation.

How about turning your idea through R&D?
R&D is designed to help enterprises meet today’s business challenges

Applications deadline: April 3rd, 2012
Collective budget: €8.5 million

Your last chance to improve your business!

Dconsulta will assist you in:
• Application services
• Projects coordination
• Publicity

If you need further information or assistance on the above schemes, please contact us on:

(+356) 27474414 or by email on grant@dconsulta.eu

1/2/2011 - LLP - network on evidence-based policy and practice in education

Open to
public bodies
Research centres and Universities
Foundations, associations and think-tank in the field of education and training
From eu + turkey

Objectives :
•To establish a transnational European network of organisations
• Develop and maintain effective and robust "knowledge brokerage"
• Mechanisms in the field of education and training.
• Evidence-based policy to exchanges approaches, practices and models of knowledge brokerage
• To develop regular exchange on the results of research in education and training.
• Creation, testing and dissemination of concrete tools to share and disseminate
• Knowledge (such as user-friendly web-based tools, printed material, video-based
• Products, books, conferences, awareness-raising events,
• Seminars targeting policy makers and practitioners at national and local level, etc)
• Training and support for researchers in communication skills.
• Joint testing of innovative knowledge brokerage initiatives and activities
• Research on labour market skills needs is also relevant for education and training systems

10/15/2010 - Media Mundus 2011

Open to: the applicant group must provide evidence of:

human and technological resources within the group (evaluated on the basis of
the curricula vitae, stating all the relevant professional experience);

solid experience within the organisation;

a satisfactory market share of audiovisual markets.

This call covers projects starting between 1st February 2011 and 31st December 2011 and
projects must be completed by 31st March 2012 at the latest.

This call will cover applications for projects under all specific objectives laid down in
Decision 1041/2009/EC:
– Objective n°1: Information exchange, training and market intelligence
– Objective n°2: Competitiveness and distribution
– Objective n°3: Circulation

To this end, the call for proposals consists of four separate Actions:
– The Action n°1: "Training" is aimed at meeting Objective n°1.
– The Action n°2:"Access to markets" is aimed at meeting Objective n°2.
– The Action n°3: "Distribution and Circulation" is aimed at meeting Objectives n°2 and
– The Action n°4: "Cross-activities" concerns projects addressing at least two of the
objectives specified above.

10/09/2010 - European Consumer Centres Network

Clossing date 10th Sepltember 2010. Open to public or non-profit making body to 50 % of the total eligble costs.
Objectives are:
a) to ensure a high level of consumer protection, notably through improved evidence, better consultation and better representation of consumers’ interests;
b) to ensure the effective application of consumer protection rules, in particular through enforcement cooperation, information, education and redress.

09/30/2010 - The Eurostars Programme Funding excellence in innovation

Closing date 30th September 2010. Open to research-performing SME to 75% of the total project costs. Eurostars project proposals will meet the following eligibility criteria:
•The leading R&D-performing SME is based in a Eurostars member country.
•The project proposal fulfils the EUREKA criteria.
•The R&D-performing SME(s) and other SME(s) fulfil(s) the European Union definition.
•Market introduction is foreseen within 2 years after the project has ended.
•R&D-performing SME(s) are undertaking at least 50% of the total R&D-related project costs.
•A well balanced partnership whereby no partner or country is performing more than 75% of the total project cost.

9/23/2010 - ERDF Tourism calls

Proposals are to remain within the budget of the call, however the Managing Authority
reserves the right to award more projects, if it deems this appropriate and in line with the
targets of the Operational Programme. This call is restricted SOLELY to those projects that
DO NOT involve state aid implications.

Operational Objectives
1 . To support the upgrading of the tourism product;
2 . To promote the Maltese Islands as a prime and diverse tourist destination;
3 . To improve the competitiveness of tourism and culture operators.

Focus Areas of Intervention
1 . Product Development
2 . Niche Market Development and Branding
3 . Aid Schemes to Tourism / Cultural Undertakings

09/10/2010 - Eco innovation project

Closing date 9th September 2010. Open to Although priority will be given to SMEs and private beneficiaries, to all legal persons located in one of the following countries: 27 EU Member States + Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein + Albania, Croatia, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Israel, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey to 50 % of the total eligible costs.

Names of projects:
1. Environmental benefits
2. Economic benefits (including wide replication)
3. Contribution of projects to innovation
4. Better sorting processes and methods for waste materials
5. construction and demolition waste
6. commercial/industrial waste
7. potential recyclables or recyclable waste from electrical and electronic equipment and end-of-life vehicles.

3/10/2010 - Support to Human Rights Defenders

Closing date 3rd September. Open to NGO to up to 90 % of the total eligible costs. Assistance to human rights defenders under this Call will therefore have as main priorities:
1. To provide short and long-term direct financial, material and other forms of support and protection to human rights
2. To support and reinforce the capacities of human rights defenders, including those living in remote areas
3. To increase the awareness among defenders of international and regional mechanisms and instruments to protect human rights
4. To contribute to break the isolation and social exclusion of human rights defenders in their communities by sensitising national and international public opinion about their work and role

1/11/2010 - Anna Lindh calls

Closing date 1st November 2010

Open to:
non-governmental organizations,
academic or research institutions,
local authorities,
private entities


Promote and support a culture of peace and coexistence, especially among the young generations
of mixed and neighboring communities, and in areas of conflict and crisis, with means of intercultural
expression and action.

Promoting a better knowledge of social and cultural diversity of populations with a migration
background (in terms of languages, cultural practices, religious diversity, community life among
others), especially in urban areas;

Supporting transnational civil society actions focused on the role of populations with migration
origins, refugees, minorities and diasporas as bridges for intercultural dialogue in the Euro-Med
Region. Empowering the role of migrants as actors of development and as agents for improved
mutual perception inside host communities and with communities of origin.

Encouraging inter-cultural approaches in dealing with social integration and public participation
of migrants. Supporting programs working on capacity building and encouraging the joint
involvement of migrants and nationals. Fostering artistic creation on issues related to migration.

Developing practices strengthening social cohesion in multicultural contexts, working on changing
perceptions valuing diversity as an asset, challenging and preventing stereotypes and

Starting innovative actions in the field of peace and coexistence with an intercultural approach,
building upon local needs, ownership and support, and investing in key civil society actors such as
journalists, human rights educators, youth leaders, artists and activists.

Developing a common understanding of the concepts and terms of coexistence, reflecting on
the different existing narratives of conflicts and exploring effective ways of creating a culture
of reconciliation. Promoting a culture of peace and non-violence as a value and as a practice
among the young generations (in conflict and post-conflict areas of the Euro-Med region).

Priority will be given to projects including the following:
Intergenerational work, where youth is interacting with older generations;
Involvement of discriminated or marginalized social groups and individuals;
Participation of civil society leaders, opinion makers and public figures.

1/10/2010 - Info culture calls 2010

Strand 1.1-Multiannual cooperation projects:
Each cooperation project carried out in partnership by at least six operators from six
different eligible countries shall be intended to carry out a number of structured, multi-
annual cultural activities.
Community support may not exceed 50% of the project budget. Funding may not be
more than EUR 500.000 per year for all activities of the cooperation projects. This
support shall be granted for a period of three to five years.
•eligible applicants are public or private organisations
•duration of not less than 36 months and not more than 60 months;
•involve the co-ordinator and a minimum of five co-organisers,
Deadline for this strand is 1st October 2010

Strand 1.2.1 - Cooperation measures:
Each action should be carried out in partnership by at least three cultural operators from
three different eligible countries. Priority shall be given to creativity and innovation.
Actions aimed at exploring avenues for cooperation in order to develop them over the
longer term will be particularly encouraged.
Community support may not exceed 50% of the project budget. The budget may be
neither less than EUR 50.000 nor more than EUR 200.000 for the whole project.
•Duration maximum of 24 months.
•eligible applicants are public or private organisations

Deadline for this strand is 2nd October 2010

01/09/2010 - Country-Based Support Scheme (CBSS) Egypt 2010

Closing date 1st September 2010. Open to NGOs to 80 % of the total eligble costs.
The specific objectives of this call for proposals are to:
• Improve access to Justice– specific area of intervention: legal assistance and sheltering.
• Strengthen the Rule of Law - specific area of intervention: the prevention of torture and ill-treatment.
• Consolidate political participation – specific area of intervention: monitoring of 2011 Presidential Elections.

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